Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!

Do you ever make something way harder than it has to be? I have been wanting to start my own blog for about 2 months. I had specific ideas about DESIGN but no knowledge of computer programming. I have tried way too many templates from umpteen different hosting sights, bought ridiculous packages from designers for a lot of money(which I promptly returned!), called a local web designer who told me my tiny budget, which seemed foolishly high to me, was not enough to work with, and was at the point of giving up when one of my Google searches brought me to Kerry   at ETSY  who had the cutest designs I have found -with real life pricing- :-). She even installed the blog and has been so helpful. I was thrilled when I saw the one with a “bee” in my favorite colors since I had already decided on my blog name.

FINALLY… I have a blog design I am so proud of (even though I didn’t create it) and I am ready to start on this blog adventure. I have a lot to learn and will be adding photos as soon as I figure out how! I’m sending this into the blogging wonderland and hoping someone sees it and finds it tempting enough to see what’s next.

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