While I was taking pictures on Easter Sunday of our family lunch I realized I haven’t done a “TaDaaah” for my Bullseye Blanket by Brittany Tyler. It has not been blocked and desperately needs to be, but I’m showing it (and using it!) anyway. I have  to say I am IN LOVE with this blanket for several reasons… One being, it is the FIRST blanket I have FINISHED and that is such an accomplishment for me! I really never thought I would make something this large and I’m really pleased as punch. Secondly, I love the colors. It’s a tricky thing picking colors for a project like this. It involves so much work that you really want to get it right. I stayed fairly true to the pallette that Brittany used since that is what drew me to it in the first place. Lastly, the yarn is very soft and not too heavy. I love a warm blanket and sit under one year round (hubs loves to crank up the air conditioner in the summer, ugh), but I can’t stand a heavy wool blanket. I used Cascade 220 Superwash Wool because it will be used and I really wanted to be able to wash and dry it easily. It is an affordable verion of wool so that also helped. I haven’t actually washed it yet so we will see…

Here are a few more pictures and a few snaps from Easter.

Yes, we had a fire at Easter. No warm spring here!

My contribution to lunch was green beans, mashed potatoes, and sweet tea.
Sis in law brought broccolli casserole and cheesy pineapple casserole,YUM

Pork tenderloin with cranberry glaze, Honeybaked Ham, and deviled eggs.  

T’s parents on the left and mine on the right

A mix of candy, crochet and handpainted eggs

Watching basketball after lunch

I am so thankful that both of our families live here in town (and they really LIKE each other) and so we are able to spend the Holidays together without traveling. We were missing a few LOVED ones this year, but we will have many future Easters to share.

I hope you had a blessed Easter!


  1. Kay G. says:

    Oh, it would have been worth having a cool Easter just to cozy up to that fireplace, it’s lovely!
    Your food pictures make me hungry and I love the photos of your parents and in-laws, you are lucky! My dear in-laws live in England, I wish I could twitch my nose and be there in an instant!

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