I will show you my latest WIP (work in progress) on the hook. I am making a cover for one of my Pottery Barn pillows that I LOVE. I have two of them but only have enough yarn on hand to cover one. They currently have white fuzzy lambswool covers, and I’m wanting a more Spring/Summer look for the upcoming seasons. I am doing the Block Stitch by Sue Pinner.  She has a wonderful crochet blog called The 8th Gem with many interesting projects. You should check it out. Anyway… here are the first pictures of my pillow cover.

I am using cottons and a couple of wools. I will bring you more pictures as soon as I finish.

Out in the garden things are really getting GREEEEEEN. I titled this post Chartreuse because of one particular plant. This one….

It’s actually called Carpet of Gold but it is sooooo greeeeen. I have not edited these pictures in any way.

Thanks to a fellow blogger, Rowen at Coastal Colors, I found a cool app to make photo collages. I haven’t been able to do this on Blogger (I’m sure there is a way but I couldn’t figure it out!). It is called Diptic and the possibilities are endless. So FUN!

Finally, I found some drowsy bees enjoying the azaleas.

Big, fat, happy, DROWSY BEES.

I hope you’re having a big, fat, happy, drowsy SPRING!

P.S. I you stop by please say “Hi” ! All you have to do is click on the word “comment” and it will take you to a comment box where you can leave me a message. I don’t need glowing compliments (well, only if you want too ;-)). Just a simple “hello” will let me know you’re there, and I’m not ALONE. Thank you for all my friends who say “Hi” on a regular basis. You know it keeps me going!


  1. Rowen says:

    Hi Jeanette and thank you so much for the link. Diptic can get addictive I find, it is so easy to play about with, lovely pictures, I love that green! Rowen@Coastal Colours x

    • Jeanette @ says:

      Hi Rowen. Your welcome for the link and thank YOU for telling us about Diptic. I see all these beautiful collages and I never could figure out how to do them – now I do! Yeah! I haven’t had a lot of time to play around with it yet but I see many groupings in my future. Thanks for saying hello.

  2. t j says:

    Love the crochet… would love the pattern if you’d share! I have an old porch swing & the cushion needs redoing… this would be awesome!!! Oh, and your azaleas!!! Wow!!! Ya know they love coffee grounds, right? In TX, I had the only blooming ones in a caleche soil!!!

  3. Jeanette @ says:

    Hi Tess. It’s so nice to meet you! My mom is from Dallas! If you click on the red words in the post it should take you directly to the pattern for the block stitch. If you visit Ravelry they have several patterns for it too. I hope you give it a try. I had to fiddle around with it until I got the hang of it but then it was easy. I never seem to get patterns right the first time. Thank you for stopping by AND for leaving me a message. It makes my day!

  4. Sara @ My Merry Messy Life says:

    Gorgeous pictures of your flowers, Jeanette! I love the carpet of gold, too, I used to have some at my old house. I just posted a pattern for a block stitch blanket lovey! I like that stitch. Are you carrying the yarn? I did so I wouldn’t have to sew in any ends. It was a new technique for me to learn. Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!

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