January = Hunker Down!

My word for January is actually two words – Hunker Down! I don’t know if this is a southern phrase or if it’s used everywhere, but it means to STAY IN YOUR FOXHOLE, HIDE, DON”T MOVE! I have a lot of projects that need attention but they will be there tomorrow. With the Polar Vortex having brought frigid temperatures to our area and the Christmas letdown, I have been very unmotivated. Wherever you are, I hope you’re staying warm!
P.S One of my goals this year is to improve my digital photography skills. I will be joining A Personal Photo Challenge to…. challenge myself in this area. One of the wonderful things about writing a blog is the ability to see into the past. Hopefully, this will cast a light on my personal growth in many areas, not just photography. If you are interested, go and join the challenge yourself! It could be “eye-opening”! The theme for this month is “Shadow Play” and it just happened that this post’s photo fit well. This was taken on my Nikon D40 and edited on Picasa with the I’m Feeling Lucky button (one touch easy editing). I’m hoping that as my photography skills improve I will need less editing? We shall see. 
Thank you so much for stopping by and please say Hi if you get the chance. 


  1. Jeanne says:

    Jeanette, so glad you joined the challenge and than you for you comments. I think your tree is talking to its shadow. The picture has movement in it. I love it!

  2. Pamela Gordon says:

    HI Jeanette, thank you for your visit and comment. I’m glad you joined the photo challenge with your beautiful tree and it’s shadow. Enjoy getting out there with your camera. Have a great Sunday!

  3. Nancy Vance says:

    Welcome to the Photo Challenge! You’re off to a great start with this photo. Our host, Donna, is a great photographer and teacher so I’m sure you’ll learn along with the rest of us shutterbugs. Thanks for checking out my photos and blog, and for becoming a follower!

  4. Kay G. says:

    That’s a great shot! I wonder what kind of tree it is, it’s awfully big!
    My husband takes most of the photos on my blog. I am quite happy to let him do so since he lets me use them on my blog! Besides, he’s very good!
    I will look at that photo challenge though. Thanks for your post!

  5. Donna says:

    Welcome, Jeanette! I’m so glad that you found the photo challenge blog and decided to brave the waters and jump on in. And I hope that you will continue to join us each month as we tackle new assignments and hone our photography skills!

    This is a lovely old tree (a weeping willow, perhaps?), and I love the deep shadows of it on the grass. Oh, the stories that old tree could tell! The editing helped to give a nice saturation and contrast of colors too.

    If you hang around me for a while, you will quickly find out that I am a big fan of the digital darkroom. I don’t apologize to anyone about the amount of editing I do and how much time I spend on it. I firmly believe that an photo image is not “done” until the photographer completes the editing phase. I don’t know of a single professional photographer who strives to not do any editing. I also don’t know of a single professional photographer who does no editing. Cameras can only do so much in capturing what the naked eye can see. IMHO, much of the artistry in photography is achieved in the editing. All you have to do to convince yourself is to look at an original negative by Ansel Adams and then look at one of his developed prints. The difference is dramatic! So I hope you reconsider your goal about minimizing editing. But please follow your heart and see where it leads you!

    • Jeanette @ methedrowsybee.blogspot.com says:

      Thanks Donna! I will take your advice and make peace with the editing process. I guess what I really want to do is get off the “auto” setting and do a little more experimenting. That goes for editing and for using my camera. I took a black and white photography back in college (in the dark ages of film) and I’d like to really understand how to use fstop and shutter speed again in the digital world. I am looking forward to the upcoming challenges to do some fun shooting. Thanks so much for providing this place and for sharing your knowledge with us.

  6. Mary says:

    Welcome to Donna’s monthly challenge – you will enjoy participating and we will look forward to your photos.
    Love tree shadows – they make me think of the dance as they move – and of course the best shadows are probably at this time of year when the branches are actually leafless.

    Happy day – Mary

    • Jeanette @ methedrowsybee.blogspot.com says:

      Thank you, Mary. I think I like winter trees better than summer green ones. Of course, autumn is the best! I’ve enjoyed browsing thru your travel adventures! I’ve been fortunate enough to do some traveling (Europe, Caribbean, Central America to name a few) but you have some of my TOP TEN places I’d love to go! AFRICA, INDIA, ASIA. WOW! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

  7. Donna says:

    Welcome to Donna’s monthly photo challenge! No, not me, but the Other Donna!Hahaa She’s terrific!
    And I love the tree shadow! I’ll bet it is Gorgeous in the Spring and Summer with all it’s leaves!
    You did a wonderful job on Shadows!!

    • Jeanette @ methedrowsybee.blogspot.com says:

      Thanks Other Donna! I saw you have 6 blogs. That amazes me! I can’t even keep up with one very well. I haven’t seen the tree in other seasons because it lives in another city. It’s not too far from here so maybe I’ll go for a visit to see. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. BTW, my mom is from Dallas. :-)

  8. Cindy says:

    A blog does allow you the ability to look back on your talents and see how they have improved. With me I could back up to go ahead. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures of trees and you have captured the beauty of this one nicely. Thanks for stopping by, Cindy

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