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Today we went to Breckenridge to have lunch and for Tom and Hunter to watch Tennessee play in the SEC (SouthEastern Conference) Tournament. While they enjoyed their basketball game I enjoyed a little retail therapy. :-) ┬áHere are some of my best finds of the day. FYI, I didn’t buy all this…just got some ideas. My two stops were the Arts Alive Gallery, which is a local artist cooperative, and Wandering Daisy, a super cute shop!


Scarves made out of recycled sweaters

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This one came home with me

This one came home with me

jewelry made out of guitar strings

jewelry made out of guitar strings

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Yes, that's snow piled up outside the window

Yes, that’s snow piled up outside the window

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This jewelry was my favorite find of the day, and it is made by a talented metal artist, Kirsten Denbow. You can find her website here. She has some beautiful pieces so you should check out her site.

One interesting factoid is that Colorado has recently legalized marijuana use, and there was a shop where you could buy different kinds of pot and marijuana infused products. It was called the Cannabis Cafe. We didn’t shop there!

I hope you enjoyed the tour!



  1. Laurie Cox says:

    The dog tags were super cute. My daughter lives in Colorado and visits Breckenridge often to ski. She came home this weekend, however. Glad to have her home for a few days, but come Monday she’ll be headed back to Denver. :(

    • jjart66 says:

      They were super cute. I really love Colorado and the views are just majestic! My son is still living at home, but I know the time is coming that he will fly the coop. It’s just hard to think about.

  2. Audrey says:

    The new site looks SO AWESOME! You did such a nice job. Clearly, I need to take a blogging class. Ha! Glad you’ve been having fun in Colorado. I love all the snow. Still, here it needs to warm up and STOP raining. For the love! Thanks so much for sending me the new site. Going to learn how to get around, etc. And I agree that you, Kay and I should all meet up one day. Would be SO MUCH FUN! :-)

    • jjart66 says:

      Hi Audrey. I’ve been looking back at my comments and realized I haven’t replied to you. I’m so glad you found me! The blogging class has been both wonderful and horrible at the same time. You know when you’re learning something new and you feel like a complete idiot? Well that’s pretty much what I’ve been feeling since I moved to this site. They say it’s the best thing to do but BOY is it a huge learning curve! The jury’s still out on whether I agree or not. We need to figure out a place to meet that is equidistant from us all. How far are you away from Chattanooga? It’s halfway between Atlanta and Knoxville but may be too far for you. We should make it happen this summer! Talk to you soon.

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