Boston Strong

My trip to Boston two weeks ago.


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Today is the Boston Marathon. It will be a hard day for many people. Emotions. Fears. Running 26.2 miles! I have a nephew who lives in Boston (Cambridge, actually) and he was heading home when the chase for the suspect roared right through his neighborhood. Sirens blaring and lights flashing. I can’t even imagine.  I’ve often wondered what leads a person to such violence. How does a little boy grow up to do such a thing. It’s a question we all ask at one time or another. Why? I am a hopeless believer in the power of love. I also believe that the human soul can wither and die without it!  As a former teacher you know which child will struggle as an adult. You can actually SEE unhappiness and loneliness in a child as if it is a physical thing.  Just when you think your heart will break for them you will see it happen.  A sweet soul will say something kind to them or sit by them at the lunch table, offer a smile. It’s not so different for adults, I think. Say a kind word, smile at someone who hasn’t been smiled at in a long time.  There is power in  KINDNESS!

To all the runners today I say, WOW! I’m so impressed by your belief in ACTION. It is something I most admire in people. RUN STRONG BOSTON!



    • jjart66 says:

      It is a very pretty place and especially great if you love history and old architecture. Speaking of which, I just saw your post about your new home and it is so pretty! Such a wonderful family home. Thank you for stopping by.

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