2014 Knoxville Symphony League Show House: Part 2

Hi friends! Welcome to the second part of the Symphony League Show House for 2014.  In the last post I showed the glamorous downstairs of this home and today we will be touring the upstairs. There are four bedrooms and two baths on the second floor,  as well as the bonus room, each decorated by a different designer.   Some rooms I liked better than others. See what you think. First up is the Master Bedroom and bath, which are downstairs on the main level. Phototastic-2014-05-03-20-59-14 Phototastic-2014-05-03-20-55-10 Next we will head up the elegant stairway. Phototastic-2014-05-03-21-17-02 These are the four upstairs bedrooms, although they have one decorated as a craft room. Phototastic-2014-05-03-21-02-38 Phototastic-2014-05-03-21-06-00   Phototastic-2014-05-03-21-51-51 Phototastic-2014-05-03-21-10-02 The upstairs bathrooms each have a hand painted mural. Phototastic-2014-05-03-21-13-05 Phototastic-2014-05-03-21-08-11 The last room is my favorite place in the house. It has a very nautical color scheme with a comfortable seating area, a small kitchen, eating area, and a pool table. Phototastic-2014-05-03-21-14-57 The last area we will see is the low maintenance, but idyllic back yard. They also had a cozy, screened in back porch with a stone fireplace,  but the gift shop was set up there and I could not get a good picture because it was stuffed full of cute things to buy. Phototastic-2014-05-03-21-18-45 Overall, I think this year’s Show House was a great success! While I didn’t agree with every design and decor decision, I think it is safe to say this is a STUNNING house, and the retired couple who will be living there will have an absolutely gorgeous home. I would love to hear which room was your favorite (and I’m also curious which design decision was your least favorite)!




    • jjart66 says:

      Thank you Leslie Anne! I’m working on my photography skills and that was a beautiful place to practice. I love going through show houses, too. Lots of IDEAS! Thank you stopping by and I’m going to pop over to your site and check it out.

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