#Clickaday: June 4-7 Camara Scool with Sarah McAffry

Well, it appears that a photo a day isn’t happening so far. However, I have had the MOST WONDERFUL photographic day ever!!! Not because of the stunning photos that I took (because I didn’t get any of those, YET), but because of  a very informative and fun Camera School taught by the lovely photographer, Sarah McAffry!  She was a delight and I really feel like I can actually start shooting on MANUAL MODE! OOOOOOOOOOh, so scaaaaary- at first! We began by learning  about lighting, posing, composing, editing, uploading, and backing up those precious memories caught in the camera. Many great tips and tricks were followed by a lunch of chicken salad on croissants. chips, fruit and cookies. Next, we moved into the daunting territory of shooting on manual. With clear information, easy to follow instructions and real life practice…. I GOT IT!  I actually understood it and feel confident that, with practice, I will be able to  use this to make better pictures. I’m going to go ahead and add the four #clickaday  images for June 4-7th but these were taken BEFORE the class so, no judgement about Sarah’s Camera School.





Do you see a theme here?  I avoid pictures with PEOPLE in them. When I do take a shot with someone in it the results are usually hit or miss.  If I can find someone willing to be my model I am going to try out some of the backlighting techniques learned today.  I’ve looked at my images with new eyes and I am seeing how knowing how to use exposure could have made a difference in their quality. Tomorrow I will be trying out some of my new found skills and hopefully you will be able to see a real difference.

Thanks for dropping by!


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